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Her Top 10 Benefits of Sex

Beneficial sex for her


A healthy sex life has many benefits, including making you feel loved. But research shows that regular sex can also boost your immune system, reduce stress levels and soothe pain. And the best thing is you do not have to be with a partner to realise these benefits. Most of them can still be achieved even if you are on your own.



So no matter if you are with a partner or flying solo here are 10 little known health benefits of a healthy sex life for women:



1. Helps boost your immune system

Regular sex stimulates the production of antibodies which work to improve your immune system. Research shows that antibody levels were 30 per cent higher in those who have sex more than once a week compared to those who abstain. This reduces the risk of getting a cold while allowing you to recover from illness much more quickly.



2. Increases sex drive

According to Dr Lauren Streicher, MD. Regular sex increases blood flow to the vagina. This not only makes sex more enjoyable it makes you crave more of it. So more sex equals better sex and makes you want more of it, a win, win situation.


Woman with an increased sex drive from more sex in her life

3. Improve brain function

Research shows that regular sex improves cognitive function for both men and women. One recent study shows that adults aged 50-89 showed higher scores in problem-solving tasks if they participated in regular sexual activity.



4. Can help lower blood pressure

Any aerobic exercise is good for the heart. But sex also releases hormones which help to relax arteries, thereby lowering blood pressure. This same hormone is not released by any other type of aerobic exercise so regular sex gives you a double whammy.


Couple having sex using sex toy kits from LitLove for increased fun

5. Help you lose weight

Sex is a great aerobic exercise which helps to burn calories. Research has found that having sex three times a week burns 200 calories on average. That’s the same as running for 15 minutes on a treadmill.



6. Can soothe pain

Research has shown that the brain releases hormones during sex which can help to soothe pain. Beverly Whipple PhD also carried out research on pain during sex. Her research shows that women show are better able to withstand pain following an orgasm.


7. Improves sleep quality

Just before orgasm, males and females release a hormone which helps to induce sleep. Regular sex also increases estrogen levels in women which can improve the quality of sleep.



8. Can help to reduces stress

During sex, the brain releases feel-good hormones which not only make you feel more confident, they improve sleep quality. Love hormones are also released which help to develop a closer connection to your partner. When combined these hormones also reduce stress hormones helping you feel more relaxed.


Confident horny woman wants sex

9. Improve self-esteem

According to a recent study by Cornell and New York Universities. Students with active sex lives show higher levels of self-esteem and lower levels of anxiety than students with less active sex lives.



10. Can reduce the signs of ageing

During sex, hormones are released which help improve the strength of the skin. Research shows that women who have sex more than once a week have higher oestrogen levels than women who abstain.