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10 Tips On How to Spice up Your Sex Life

How to Spice up Your Sex Life
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How to Spice up Your Sex Life

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”] [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”flipInX” woodmart_color_scheme=”dark” text_larger=”no”]There’s nothing better than sex, but it can get a bit, well, dull at times. You get home to your partner, you get into the bedroom ready to go, and then you’re treated to the same few moves as usual. It’s still good, sure, but there’s no spice when there’s no surprise!

If you need to know how to spice up your sex life, keep reading. We’ve put together this in-depth guide on the best ways to add some heat to the bedroom.

Experiment With Bondage

If you really want to spice up the bedroom, there’s no better way to do it than by trying bondage.

If you’ve never tried bondage before, you might be a little nervous. You probably don’t even know where to begin! Like with most experimental sex, it’s best to start off slow and test the waters.

Start off with a pair of handcuffs, a crop, or a ball gag. You might consider getting a few blindfolds, or some ropes if you want to try tying your partner up in certain positions. If you’re really feeling brave you can even get some candles and try some hot waxing.

Always have a clear, agreed-upon safe word. If your partner does anything you don’t like or want, don’t hesitate to use it. This is about love and compassion, after all, not putting yourself in danger.

Get Some Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes, the simplest things are enough to spice up your sex life.

A sexy, skimpy piece of lingerie is enough to drive any man crazy. If your partner has a specific fetish — like the classic schoolgirl or the naughty service maid — consider buying a lingerie costume. Put on a show for your partner; let them play the role of the stern principal who needs to dole out a punishment on the naughty student.
If you want to go less elaborate, go for something frilly and revealing that accentuates your curves. You might even consider some tear-away or crotchless panties for that extra bit of spice.

Bring Toys Into the Equation

There’s no end to the number of sex toys out there, and it’s important to remember they are not only for solo use.

A good sex toy can simply do things your partner can’t. They vibrate, they thrust, they stimulate multiple areas at once — what more could you ask for? By combining your partner’s love with the power of a good sex toy, you’re likely to experience the best orgasms of your life.

There are tons of dildos to experiment with, from bullet vibes to rabbit vibrators, to clitoral stimulators and more. Get some sexual arousal lube to add that extra oomph.

You don’t have to go with female-focused sex toys, either. The world of male sex toys, like Fleshlights, has expanded greatly. Whip a male sex toy out in the bedroom and just watch as your man smiles from ear-to-ear.

For the best experience, check out our wide variety of couple vibrators. These are perfect for sharing in the bedroom, and will absolutely spice up your sex life.


Add Some Music to the Mix

If you want to mix up the rhythm of your sex life, try adding some music.

Sit down with your partner and make a playlist of sex songs. If you want faster sex, pick some songs with a fast tempo. If you want something more sensual and slow, go with something slower.

It’s hard not to follow along to the beat of the music when you’re having sex. Try making your playlist with a good mixture of fast and slow songs and throw it on shuffle. It’ll be like you’re putting your sex life on shuffle!

For an extra spicy challenge, try to get through the whole playlist with your partner.

Explore New Territory

Exploring (anal) new territory” could mean a few things, so let’s be clear here: We mean it both ways.

A change of scenery can add a lot of excitement to your sex. Try taking things outside the bedroom. As long as you live alone or with your partner only, you can have a lot of fun having sex in the tub or shower, in the living room, the kitchen, or anywhere else around the home without the fear of someone walking in on you.

You can also explore new territory on your partner if you catch my drift. Make sure you have plenty of lube and consider getting an anal sex toy to start things off. Take it easy, go slow, and respect your partner’s wishes if they need you to stop or take things more carefully.

There’s nothing like a change of scenery to refresh the ride. Don’t be nervous — you might learn something new about yourself in the process!


Try Some New Positions

The same positions night-after-night can get very old very fast.

Stretch up — it’s time to try out some new positions. Ask your partner if there are any positions they’d like to try, and let them know if you have any you’d like to attempt. If you can’t think of any, look up some new positions online or get a book from the online sex shop. The Kama Sutra is a certified classic when it comes to exactly that.

A couple of new positions can really make things feel fresh, and you may even find a new favourite! If you’re really strapped for new positions, you can always try watching an adult movie or two to get some ideas. Speaking of which…


Get Some Movies

Nothing will inspire ideas and turn the heat up like watching a good adult film or two.

Surprise your partner with a few movies from different genres. You may get some movies that feature positions or acts you’d like to try yourself, or that simply get your motors going. You can even shop for the films together at your online adult sex shop, learning something about each other’s preferences and desires in the process.

You can buy adult films, rent them, or browse the wide world of internet pornography — there’s no shortage of it. We may see pornography as a private act most of the time, but watching it with your partner is a truly intimate and trusting act. It can really spice things up.


Make a Movie

You can also break out the director inside and make a movie of your own.

Bust out the tripod, the camera (your phone will work, but might be a worse idea because of the dreaded Cloud) and turn on the lights. You can come up with your own plot if you’d like, or get right to the action. Either way, you’ll be surprised what the presence of a camera inspires in you and your partner.

You don’t even have to hit record if you don’t want — just pretend. Feeling like someone is watching you, or could be watching you, is a real rush for some people. If you do record, you’ve now got a video you can watch back together or alone when you’re missing your partner.

Just make sure your partner is very aware there’s a camera in the mix before doing this. Don’t try and record things secretly. That’s illegal.


Play a Sexy Game

There are a variety of sex games you can get to spice things up in the bedroom.

A tried and true classic is the sex dice. Each side has a raunchy act written on it. Roll the dice, see what it says, and perform the act — it’s that simple.

You could also try a sexy game of truth or dare, a strip game with extra benefits, or “draw your fate”. In this game, you and your partner write down some things you’d like to try on small pieces of paper (positions, fantasies, acts) and take turns picking them out without looking. Turning sex into a bit of a game lets you have some of the most fun sex of your life.

Get Them Excited

The key to spicier bedroom play starts outside of the bedroom.

Get your partner excited for what’s to come. Send them some risque texts throughout the day, talk dirty innuendos to them when you get the chance, and give them a little preview of what’s to come. The more you and your partner are thinking about sex throughout the day, the more enthusiasm you’re each going to put forward when you finally get into the bedroom strapped and cuffed to the bed if you have a kinky side.

Guaranteed, you won’t be able to take your hands off each other.

Learning How to Spice up Your Sex Life

If you’re stuck in a rut, tired of the same sex night after night, try following the tips above on how to spice up your sex life.

Start by trying one or two of these tips, then start combining them as you get more explorative. Mixing things up in the bedroom will get you and your partner excited to get to bed every night, and leave you curious all day wondering what’s to come.

For the best variety of sex toys, lubricant, lingerie, and more in Australia, check out Lit Love’s best sellers. We’ll help you spice up that sex life fast.

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