Australian Sex Shop LitLove Gives Back

LitLove Sponsors Australian Medical Research and Charities
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]LitLove, Australia’s largest online adult shop, is contributing in the form of volunteering and donations to a range of Australian health and wellbeing related charities. The online sex shop, specialising in online sex toy vibrators, dildos, sexy lingerie and contributes to an ever-growing number of good causes.

Florian Spate, the founder and managing director of LitLove Online Sex Shop, said in an interview:

“I believe that together as an equal, united community of all nations, colours and genders, we can make a difference if we each do our part to make the world a little better.

The world is changed when we all give and love more our fellow humans and animals. Large or small, every living thing on earth enjoys good times. So we can be the catalyst to change the world by changing something small in our community.

We can do this by starting with making a small difference and then doubling those efforts and expanding. Start small but continuously grow your efforts.”



Part of what drove Florian to create LitLove is a vision to develop happiness for every living thing on earth. Florian is starting small by changing peoples happiness in a way he can, with sex toys. He plans to continuously build upon these efforts and change the world with a sex shop, one small step at a time.


LitLove’s focus is on offering friendly and easy to use sex toys and guides for all adults within Australia and the entire world. I believe the use of sex toys combined with open and honest information that is science fact-based, leads to happier people that perform at their peak and are friendlier to those around them causing a cascading ripple of joy throughout the community and globe.

The charities we support:


  • National Breast Cancer Foundation, a charity that’s been in operation since 1994, providing funds for cutting-edge research into breast cancer.


  • The Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is an Australian charity that raises funds for research into heart disease, as well as play a lobbying role in promoting the needs of heart disease sufferers. They also offer preventative advice and information.


  • Heart Research Australia

A charity dedicated to funding research into the causes of heart disease and more effective treatments.


  • White Ribbon Australia

A charity working to prevent violence, especially against women, the elderly and children.


  • Beyond Blue

A charity which provides advice, information and support for those suffering from anxiety and depression.


  • The Cure Cancer Charity, which funds innovative cancer research.

When LitLove is not busy sponsoring events and charities, they run an online sex shop that has the most extensive stock in Australia. LitLove provides online adult sex toys, as well as lube, lingerie and a selection of sexy accessories. But that is far from everything. LitLove’s range includes bullet vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos, prostate massagers, cock rings, and clit suction vibrators and many more.


There is a wide selection of products in each category, allowing customers to find the items which are going to best suit their needs. Customers are invited to leave reviews, offering opinions and feedback which can be a source of information for prospective buyers.

In addition to selling sex toys, LitLove also stocks a selection of lingerie that’s designed to flatter and entice. Options include stockings, bodystockings, bras, bodies, teddies, tops, and bottoms. Items are offered in a choice of sizes and colours, ensuring there’s something suitable for every customer. A selection of dress-up outfits allow opportunities for fantasy role play. Options such as a maid outfit, cowgirl or nurse costume and many more are available for fast, discreet delivery with free next day express available via coupon codes or current offers at LitLove.

Another category of LitLove stock that is a popular choice is the arousal section. For enhanced sexual arousal, products in the range include arousal gels, clitoral balms and creams with effects from a vibrating sensation all the way to increasing blood flow for a hot and throbbing, intense climax.

The lubes section of contains a range of flavoured and non-flavoured lubricants that come in silicone-based and water-based formulas.

LitLove caters for a wide range of sexual interests, including items for people who like to kinky things up a little. The bondage collection of light BDSM bondage gear includes rope, bedroom bondage kits, handcuffs, pinwheels, ticklers and loggers. As well as candles for erotic wax pain play.

LoveLit has Australia’s largest collection of sex toys, bondage gear and sexy lingerie in Australia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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