Sponsors Australian Research & Charities

LitLove Sponsors Australian Medical Research and Charities

South Australian company Lit Love Pty Ltd is the proud sponsor of many Australian Medical Research Organisations and Charities. Including National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Heart Foundation, Heart Research Australia, White Ribbon Australia, Beyond Blue and the Cure Cancer Charity.


This is part of LitLove’s initiative to give back to the community that supports us. By supporting a growing number of Charities and events within Australia.


Florian Spate, LitLove’s founder and managing director, believes that together as a united community and one people we can not only make a difference to this but also future generations. We can teach other communities in leading by example. In making Australia an enjoyable, stronger, healthier and safer community for all living things big and small, strong and frail.


Part of what drives LitLove’s founder and the company is to create sexual happiness by offering accessible, friendly and easy to use sex toys and guides for all adults within Australia. Leading to happier people that perform at their peak and are friendlier to those around them.

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