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Most Stealth Quiet Male Vibrators

man masturbating with vibrating male sex toys quietly

Some people don’t like to discuss what happens behind closed doors.

Despite people’s apprehension to admit they masturbate, 92% of men and 76% of women proudly engage in self-pleasuring.

If you fall into this demographic but don’t want to shout it from the rooftops, a stealth quite male vibrator might just be your new best friend!

american males masturbating
% of American men that masturbate

Here we’ll share our choices for the quietest, most discreet male vibrators so that you can masturbate in the privacy of your own home or bedroom.

Grab your lube and let’s get into it!

Read on for the ultimate guide to using and buying sex toys.

Sealth Quiet Male Vibrators for Beginners

Don’t be fooled into thinking vibrators are just for women. If you’re new to the world of male vibrators, it’s best you ease into things. 

Here are a few of the best male vibrators and sex toys for beginners.

Satisfyer Men Wand 50 Function USB Rechargeable Massager

The Men Wand 50 Function massager is equipped with two soft wings that are supple and flexible, making them perfect for first-time users. 

Your penis fits firmly and securely inside the toy’s silky, high-quality silicone. As if the snug fit of this supple toy wasn’t enough, you’ll be delighted by the massager’s five arousing vibrations and seven intensity options. 

Looking to spice things up with a partner? Just slip the Satisfyer Men Wand vibrator over the base of your penis and let your partner feel every pulse and vibration. You can even bring this vibrator into the shower or bathtub!

With quiet vibrations ranging in intensity, the only noise you’ll need to control when using this male vibrator is your moans of pleasure.

Fun Factory Manta 12 Function Couples Male Sex Toy

Don’t let the name fool you. This couples male sex toy is perfect for couples or for independent play.

The Manta 12 features Fun Factory’s signature loop design and pleasure ridges which are perfect for long-lasting lubrication. The Mantra vibrator is designed for targeted stimulation during masturbation but doubles as a stroker.

Held at the base of the penis, the vibrations transform your tool into a vibrator of its own. Some describe the sensation like getting a deep throat blow job. 

The Manta’s wings and divided shape create an easy-to-use and powerful vibrator. Once you master its use solo, try the Manta 12 as a couple’s toy. The sleek design fits perfectly between two bodies.

Adam and Even Sucking Stroker – Clear Powered Masturbator

Are you a man who enjoys receiving oral sex over actual intercourse? If so, you’re not alone. And the Adam and Eve Sucking Stroker will change the game of how you masturbate quietly. 

Designed to simulate the sensation of a warm, wet mouth on your penis, this masturbator is known as a “realistic blow job machine”. Not only does the toy’s wet inside simulate the real thing, but the Sucking Stroker offers amazing vibrations that no mouth can perform!

This male sex toy combines 10 vibration settings with one sucking motion to offer 11 unique sensations. When you reach the brink of pleasure, simply use the quick stop safety pop valve to release the toy. 

PULSE III Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator

Another top pick on our list of stealth quiet male vibrators is the Pulse III solo vibrating male masturbator. While this toy is equally as quiet and discreet as the others, it does boast a bit more power.

Designed for both solo and couples use, the Pulse III comes with fully adjustable wings to fit any size penis and accommodate multiple sex positions. Equipped with a remote control, users can power the toy to increase their own pleasure or send their partner over the edge.

One of the highlights of this male vibrator is its ability to turn a flaccid penis erect within minutes! This is perfect for those dealing with erectile dysfunction or who need a little extra help relaxing. 

Funzone Vulcan Ripe Vagina Flesh Vagina Stroker

Forget about a blow job – do you want to experience the sensation of actual intercourse while masturbating? If so, look no further than the Funzone Vulcan Ripe Vagina.

The realistic look and feel of this male masturbation toy, plus its reasonable price tag, make it a fan favourite. Cleanup has never been easier thanks to the newly designed housing unit. 

The soft vaginal opening allows for full-length thrusting. The interior ridges provide another level of realistic stimulation. The toy also creates a vacuum suction, gripping and massaging your penis to achieve ultimate pleasure.

These realistic vaginas and sex dolls are also perfect for those looking for masturbation play that resembles real intercourse.


Let’s go back to basics.

One of the most stealth quiet male vibrators is the Jackmaster masturbator cock sleeve. Although this male sex toy doesn’t vibrate, with its realistic texture and dual-sided pleasure chamber, you won’t need anything else to achieve an intense, solo orgasm. 

The unique tinglers and ridges inside this sleeve stimulate every part of your shaft, leading to an explosive finish.

Not only is this a quiet sex toy, but it also comes in a discreet travel case with a cover for easy storage and transportation. 

Prostate Massagers and Anal Vibrators

Are you ready to graduate from vibrating sleeves?

Backdoor play isn’t just for homosexual men. Many heterosexual men admit to enjoying anal stimulation. One of the quickest ways to an intense orgasm is through prostate stimulation.

These vibrators offer quiet anal play to help you reach new heights of pleasure. 

Rude-boy P Spot Stimulator

Prostate stimulation is growing in popularity as more men discover it’s many benefits and pleasures. Different from a traditional orgasm, most men describe a prostate orgasm as more intense and long-lasting.

Sound like something you’d like to experience?

The Rude-boy P Spot Stimulator can get you there. Available in a variety of colours (blue, red, and black), this male vibrator is designed specifically to stimulate those hard-to-reach places deep inside your anal cavity.

While this might sound unpleasant, it’s far from it. With enough lubrication, patience, and the right technique, this P spot massager will transport you to a new level of pleasure.

With strong, silent vibrations and dual-stimulation, you’ll discover erogenous zones you never knew you had. Once you get the hang of it, you can use the hands-free features of this discreet male sex toy. 

Start by positioning the toy behind your scrotum, with the opposite end resting on your prostate. Use a rocking motion while sitting up or lying down and let the simulator do the rest of the work.

Just be sure to have plenty of lubrication on hand, especially if this is your first time experimenting with prostate massagers.

Nexus Revo Vibrating Prostate Wand

The Nexus Revo Vibrating Prostate Wand takes prostate play and stimulation to the next level. 

The Nexus name is synonymous with intense male pleasure. This prostate wand not only stimulates your P spot but is one of the first massagers to offer an independent rotating head. The strong sensation isn’t for the faint of heart!

But despite its power, this male vibrator is still perfect for solo, discreet masturbation.

Another shining feature of the Nexus Revo Vibrating Prostate Wand is the external perineum stimulator which offers its own set of deep vibration patterns. The surface fo the stimulator has raised modules for increased pleasure.

Booty Call Booty Flexer Vibrated Anal Beaded Probe

If you want to take your masturbation beyond the limits of the prostate, this anal beaded probe won’t disappoint.

The Booty Call Booty Flexer combines three vibration settings with tapering beads on the flexible, soft probe. Thanks to its versatility, the Booty Call Booty Flexer beaded probe offers multi-positional and couples play.

Made of supple silicone, this ultra-safe anal toy is perfect for use in the shower or bathtub. Three quiet vibration settings build in intensity, allowing you to freely experiment. 

The Booty Call Booty Flexer’s sleek design makes it easy to transport and masturbate without getting caught!

Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Anal Teaser

Looking for a little anal tease? This silicone anal teaser is the perfect introduction to ass play for men.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and ultra-hygienic silicone, this anal vibrator offers maximum comfort and guaranteed pleasure. If you’ve never tried a butt plug, now’s the time.

The Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Anal Teaser is safe for all-day wear. That means you can stimulate yourself for hours before ever getting behind closed doors and getting down to business.

You’ll be shocked at how comfortable and easy to use this vibrator is. Not only does it insert with ease, but it offers nine different vibration settings to create a mind-blowing build up.

Before inserting this anal vibrator be sure to stimulate the anus and relax. Plenty of lubrication and some gentle teasing beforehand will only intensify the experience.

Feeling extra naughty? You’ll love wearing this anal teaser all day without anyone knowing. This sex toy is the definition of stealth quiet male vibrators!

Enhance your fun even more with this anal teaser model equipped with a wireless remote.

Cock Rings for Double the Fun

Most people think cock rings are only for use during intercourse. While it’s true that cock rings can heighten pleasure for both partners during sex, they’re also a lot of fun to use when you masturbate.

The purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow to the penis, causing a larger erection that lasts longer. This also leads to a more intense orgasm.

These same benefits can be felt both during intercourse and when quietly masturbating by yourself.

Here are a few of the top cock rings for use together or alone.

Shots Double Vibrating Endless Cockring

This soft, silicone cock ring offers a snug fit for increased pleasure and longer, firmer erections. The secure fit also guarantees the cock ring stays in place when masturbating or using with a partner.

This double vibrating ring is flexible, offering a comfortable fit for any penis size. Each side of the ring has a vibrating bullet perfect for clitoral stimulation or all-around pleasure for the wearer.

Matrix Black Vibrating Cock Balls Ring

Talk about double the pleasure. The Matrix cock balls ring offers two rings, one for the base of the penis and the other to fit snuggly on your balls.

The removable micro-stimulator allows you to add vibrations or relish in the sensation of the tight-fitting rings alone. The dual-action sex toy gives you a sense of power and boosted stamina.

If you struggle to finish your favourite fantasy without exploding, this vibrating cock ring can help keep your orgasm at bay while adding an additional layer of pleasure. 

The Screaming O Disposable Vibrating Ring

If you’re looking for something less permanent or just want to experiment with a cock ring before investing in one, these disposable varieties are the perfect fit – literally. 

This flesh coloured cock ring is perfect for personal or partner play. First-time users don’t have to worry about the tight fit. The Screaming O cock ring sits snuggly at the base of your penis and testicles with the motor on top.

The best part is, once your done experimenting you can simply toss it away! 

Take Control with a Sleath Quiet Male Vibrator

Are you ready to take matters into your own hands? Do you love a good, relaxing masturbation session but hate bringing attention to yourself?

Using a stealth quiet male vibrator helps you achieve new heights of pleasure without sacrificing your privacy. Whether you’re travelling, living with a roommate, or simply want discreet vibrating fun, these vibrators and male sex toys won’t disappoint.

Browse our sex toy water-based lubes to meet all your needs from condoms and lubricants to even bondage items!

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