Erotic Stories

Once Upon a Time in Paris…


Imagine you are dining by yourself at a French restaurant in the heart of Paris. It’s just after 8 PM, and during dinner, you’re making eye contact with a handsome young French man who is around your age, you can’t seem to take your eyes off of him. It’s been subtle, but every time he looks at you, you look back into his big blue gorgeous eyes starring longer than you should. You can’t help but smile slightly embarrassed. It is clear that there is some chemistry at work.



After finishing your meal, you pay the waiter and go upstairs into your hotel room and sit on the balcony. You are smoking a gauloises while drinking a glass of red wine. You cannot get this guy out of your head that made eye contact with you earlier and thinking about him is making you slightly wet in between your legs.



After your second glass of red, you decide to slip into a hot black dress and put your dancing shoes on and after a bit of makeup you are out the hotel room and downstairs out the door, heading into a nightclub next to your hotel.



You order a gin and tonic at the bar before making your way to the dance floor. You dance for what seems like hours, enjoying yourself in the luxurious night club. When suddenly without realising at first you notice that you are dancing only meters away from the very guy you made eye contact earlier. You, in an inconspicuous way, dance over in front of him. You and he are now dancing up close in an ever sexier and erotic fashion until he moves in close and whispers into your ear.



Would you like to go back to the hotel for a drink with me?

You can feel yourself being very excited without needing to check; you know you’re very wet.



You smile back at him and leave the dance floor without saying a word. You both stumble out of the nightclub as you almost trip from all the drinks you’ve had and his large, muscular arms catch you holding you firmly and tightly, saving you from falling. You are now both very close to each other.



You are so beau…

He tries to say, but before he can finish, you both kiss in the most passionate romantic way.



Instantaneously sparks of romance fly all over the place and chemistry overwhelm you both giving way to an intense passion and lustful desire. Without realising, you both continue kissing for almost half an hour straight. Before pausing shortly, you take him by the hand and say softly in a loved up enchanted way:



Let’s go up to my hotel room.



The passion knows no bounds. You both make out again in the lift and the hallway. Before you both finally make it into your Hotel room. You start kissing again in front of your bed before you rip his shirt open, buttons flying everywhere. In pure lustful arousal, you push him back onto your mattress in a racy provocative sinuously shameless manner.



You climb on top of him.

You start to kiss him again…



You pause for a minute and jump off the bed, getting a pair of golden handcuffs out of your luggage and dangle them in front of him with a naughty, mischievous smile on your face.



You slide your panties down your legs and take your bra and top off before turning your bare bottom with your hands behind your back towards him.



Put these on me.

You say in an excited and lustful tone of voice.



The handsome French guy proceeds to lay and fasten the golden handcuffs behind your back carefully. You bought these a few weeks earlier at the LitLove online sex shop. They are the Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Golden Handcuffs.



In a bold and wild move, he goes in to hug your body, holding you by your butt cheeks and pushes you up against the wall. Picture frames are falling, and a sofa and table are getting pushed out of the way, but you both are way too aroused and in a wild frenzy completely melting into each other that you both don’t even take any notice.



You wrap your legs around his hot body with your hands tied behind your back with the golden handcuff. He then slides his large, hard cock deep inside you penetrating you with ecstasy like pleasure.



Mmmm. Oh, yes!

You moan out loudly as he thrusts deep. Every stroke is pushing you firmly up against the wall.



Yes, give it to me!

You moan loudly in a quivering exhale before he proceeds to kiss you deeply with his skilful tongue. Every penetrating push is an intense pleasure rush as he pushes up inside you. A titillating sensation of delicious pleasure. As you suddenly feel an intense rush radiating out from between your legs.



Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhh!

You scream in pure pleasure as you orgasm in the most intense body shaking way, twitching from the extreme pleasure release that fills your entire body. He gently lays you onto the bed, releasing you from your golden handcuffs, an intense erotic fantasy and adventure like no other.



You both slowly calm down catching your breath while lying on the bed after the mind-blowing sex session.

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