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Sexy Navagio Beach

She is relaxing in a bikini on the beach



Imagine you’ve taken yourself some time off work and fly to the gorgeous Navagio Beach for a luxury holiday. You’ve been looking forward to this for a while and now. Looking out onto the beach, you can see the bright sun sparkling on the water with beams of light reflecting from turquoise blue ocean waves. The delightful sight instantly fills you with an exciting relief and divine serenity.



You head over to the hotel and check into your hotel room. You unpack some of your luggage and toiletries. Stacking and packing away all of your bikini’s, bra’s, underwear other bits and pieces. Neatly into the provided spaces. For any urgent work issues, you have your laptop and phone. However, they are all switched off. You are placing them into the bedside table drawers, promising yourself not to touch any electronics during the next two weeks.



sexy navagio beach



At the bottom of the suitcase, last but not least. You have your favourite dildo for you. So when the need arrives, you can have self-pleasure the way you like yours – 11-inches long, thick and juicy. This phallic-like realistic lifelike dildo cock is one of your all-time favourite sex toys purchased at your most loved online sex shop in Australia called LitLove. Your dildo, handcrafted by King Cock who give them incredible detail leading to a more realistic experience.



So realistic…

Realistic lifelike king cock dildoSo lifelike…


So pleasing…



You place your large suction cup 11-inch stiff member into the bedside drawer ready to please you whenever the itch for a climax or two presents itself.



You slip into your slinky white bikini and take a towel, hat and sunnies with you and walk down to the beach with your large pink towel on your shoulder. As soon as the white warm beach sand touches your toes, it truly sinks in. You are finally on holidays! Plus you are spending them at your all-time favourite destination worldwide – Navagio Beach. The view is breathtaking with turquoise coloured water which, together with the inviting fine white beach sand and tropical coconut palms, looks very special and warms your senses. You feel instantly more relaxed.



Sexy Navagio Beach



You lie down on top of your towel, soaking in the sunlight. In the background, the subtle hypnotic sound of ocean waves. Looking out onto the ocean, you can see the bright sunlight reflect off and dance on the mini waves.



Then a waiter approaches.

Hello, may I offer to bring you any refreshments?

He politely asks.

Fantastic customer service… You think to yourself.


Oh, thank you, yes. One long Cosmopolitan, thank you.

Oh, and would you be so kind as to rub sunscreen on my back?



Yes, of course. I will be right back.

The waiter replies and walks back up towards the hotel.



Cosmopolitan cocktail on the beach



What a magical and marvellous island. Best holiday ever.

You think to yourself while unable to hide a big smile on your face. You lean back and stretch out your arms playing with the beautiful white fine sand.




You can feel the warm grains running over and beneath your hands.



A heavenly gorgeous beach. The water is so intensely light blue. So far, the day is brilliant. The sky is bright blue too!



While lying there with your eyes closed chilling, you hear someone approaching which you guess must be the waiter with the drink.




Buenos dias senorita, entiendes espanol?

A deep, sexy and manly voice says to you.



Sexy Navagio Beach



Instantly you know this isn’t the waiter. He has a distinct higher pitch tone of voice.




Uh… ah… Sorry. Lo… Siento… Solo… Ingles?

You reply a little startled which means (sorry English-only) in Spanish.

The only few words you remembered from your trip down to Barcelona a few years ago.



Ok. Ok. Bye

The man replies in a thick Spanish accent and walks away politely.




What a shame you don’t speak more than a few words of Spanish, you think to yourself while watching the man walk off with his giant arms and perfect abs. A shame because you bet he’s got a big cock hiding underneath those Kelvin Klein shorts, ready to indulge in your arousing tantalising fantasies. Being all by yourself, you feel complete freedom expressing your sexual desires and lust in an uninhibited, shamelessly provocative way.




Then the waiter approaches with your drink on a silver platter and some sunscreen.

Miss, here is your cosmopolitan cocktail. We hope you enjoy.


Are you ready for me to apply some sunscreen on your back?


Yes, thank you, my legs too if you can please?

You reply undoing your bikini strap and turning around onto your stomach.



The waiter starts squirting sunscreen all over you and begins to skillfully and slow massage you.



Sexy Navagio Beach with woman dreaming of big dicks



Mhhh, that feels amazing! Are you a professional massage therapist?

Yes, I also give massages at the hotel. I’m glad you like it. He replies appreciatively of your kind comments.

Especially from me, such a beautiful goddess of physical perfection and attractiveness, you think quietly to yourself.



The waiter’s massage is excellent. No, wait, it’s incredible! You are also starting to get aroused. You can sense your hot wetness flowing out from between your legs running down in between your thighs. You can feel your pussy swelling and gently pulsating. Inconspicuously you smoothly move one hand between the towel and your tummy down the front of your bikini briefs, plunging your index finger in between your plump and aroused labia, first thrusting into your vulva’s canal where your fingers get greeted by a pool of wetness that comes running out all over your hand. You withdraw your fingers while brushing over the top of your clitoris. Yes, you are masturbating in public during a massage from a waiter!



Mmmm. Oh.

You accidentally moan softly, immediately pretending to clear your throat hoping he didn’t hear what just escaped your lips.

You bite your lip hard to stop you from letting out any more noises. The pain of which seems to be arousing you even more.




The waiter finishes with your back moving onto massaging your butt cheeks and legs. You love when his wickedly magic hands push into the pressure points just below your lower back an inch down from where your bottom starts. Ecstasy-like sensations rush through your legs every time he pushes that spot.




You quietly moan.



The waiter then asks.

Would you like me to massage that spot some more?


Yes please. That would be fantastic.

It feels terrific when you massage that spot, you add.




He replies and starts to apply firm pressure to those erotically pleasing pressure points freely.

You can feel hot sensations radiate out from an area in between your clitoris that your fingers are still playing with and the two pressure points on your buttocks with which the waiter unknowingly ignited feelings of delicious lustful desire within you.



You felt like turning around and spreading your legs while shouting:

Fuck me! For heaven’s sake, fuck me!



Sexy Navagio Beach with woman dreaming of big cocks



Instead, you say nothing while a fascinating heat is building within you. Full of intense desire.


There is pressure building within you that you know will soon erupt in spectacular fashion. Every second that goes by your need to squirm with your body and moan loudly becomes almost unbearable.




You accidentally moan out loud and at the same moment, move your body up quickly and say:

Ok, thank you so much, that’ll do.

Giving him a clear direction to leave.



Of course, let me know if you need anything else.

He replies quickly walking off back towards the hotel.



You know that he probably sensed something was up. But you couldn’t have your waiter get you off on the beach in broad daylight and public. You love adventures, but that would have been taking things a little too far in your opinion.



You now want to be ravished by pleasure beyond reason or compare…

Almost about to orgasm, wet juices are running down your legs. You can’t walk back to the hotel like this. So you make a beeline straight into the water.



Swimming in the ocean for a few minutes. Such a delight.

It’s astonishingly beautiful.



Then you walk back to your towel, taking your things and head straight for your hotel room while smiling at the fear of anyone knowing what just happened. But of course, no one knew, you are confident not even the massage therapist knew what was going on.



Now back in your hotel room. You go to take a shower. Untied your white bikini drops to the floor. You allow your hands to explore your body. One feel of your breasts you notice your hardening nipples to such stiff point you must massage them. Your heart begins to beat stronger within your chest. You can feel a jolt of arousing pleasure race through your body as you squeeze them with one hand while the other moves down, rubbing against your clit. Your pussy starts to pulsate at the heightening arousal of playing with yourself.



Now that you reignited your inner lust. You go into the shower. The warm water runs over your skin and body, giving your self-pleasure a whole new dimension of gratification. Your nipples, clit, and breasts are extremely sensitive at this point. Every touch feels intensely pleasing to the extent of almost becoming electrifyingly overbearing.



Your soapy fingers glide effortlessly over your naked wet skin, growing within you an intensely passionate desire for orgasmic release.
Suddenly you remember, the dildo, he will please me. You jump out of the shower still full of soap and dripping wet, prancing across the room to your bedside drawer, grabbing the massive shaft of the King Cock 11 inch twin fused double dildo and jumping back into the shower with this sizeable pleasure beast.



Yes! This is what I need right now.

You think to yourself while eyeing off the luscious shaft from cock-like tip to base.



You take the hand shower and push the double dildo’s suction cup base onto the wall. It sticks perfectly in place, ready to enchant you. You lightly arch your back and bend over with your backside facing the big-boy. You grab the tip with one hand, guiding the sizeable penis-like head and shaft, slowly into your wildly aroused pulsing pussy. Your other hand holding the hand shower points the stream of warm water gushing out, directly onto your vaginal area, adding both lubrication and additional stimulation from its powerful spray. The water is giving you tingling sensations of pleasure. At first, only a few inches. Then as your pussy starts to adjust, you penetrate yourself with more and more of the tantalising dildos long shaft.




The feeling is indescribable good!


Mmm. Oh, god. Ohhhhh.

You moan and quiver.


Teasingly and enthralled by the pleasure, you move one hand up your naked body.

Holding and caressing your breasts, touching your stiffened pointy nipples. You start breathing rapidly.



Sexy Navagio Beach




Titillating sensations giving you great pleasure rhythmically backing into the large double-cock. Every thrust of its full-length disappearing inside you, you can feel the captivating stimulation of the bulging veins along its shaft, rewarding you with pleasantly wild rushes of radiating aphrodisia.



Every inch of its handcrafted, textured shaft is a delight. Bewitching you into a state of utter ecstasy as you fall into a trance-like state of mind, making you fantasize you are being taken from behind.



Oh, God!

You gasp as your bottom slaps firmly against the wall of the shower, penetrating yourself with the massive 11-inch cock, deeply in and out of yourself.



You imagine that the dildo is the Spanish guy who you met earlier at the beach. Ravishing you from behind with his giant erect cock, reaching around you from behind. Firmly holding your breasts with his large hands and big masculine arms as he thrusts into you from behind in a steamy sexy doggy-style session.



Oh, God. Yes! Yes!

Give it to me… Give it to me harder…

You beg and quiver, even though no one is there.



Woman masturbating with 11 inch realistic lifelike cock dildo in the shower



The intensity of stimulation, building up with such pressure within you, with such force that you can hold back no longer.



Ohhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhhh…

Another loud moan escapes your lips, followed by another.



You arch your back and hold yourself against the other wall in a means to exert even firmer thrusts. In and out, in and out. You are compounding your pleasure within yourself, leading to the inevitable orgasmic release due to erupt any minute, any second. You don’t want to come too quickly.



You love it when it builds and builds within you, giving you more fabulous orgasms. So you pause for a second. Then begin thrusting more gently again. Moving one of your hands across your body to rub and play with your aching, pleasurefully swollen clit and start holding and caressing one of your soft, beautiful breasts.



You however soon realise that your body is so close to orgasm, so deliciously aroused that you engage in wild, highly intense thrusting yet once again. You can feel yourself getting hotter and more intense by the second. A massive mind-blowing volcanic eruption alike explosion of internal energy imminent and due to erupt at any moment now. Throbbing with internal pleasure, your clitoris swollen and natural lubrication running down the inside of your thighs.



You cannot be far off when suddenly your mind is taken over by a strong force that erases every single thought in your head for just a few seconds shaking at the knees vibrating inside your pussy. You pause at the mighty eruption within, shakingly barely able to continue thrusting, only moving the dildo an inch or two out and in before taking the dildo out completely and sinking to your knees.



You come, orgasming several times in a row.

Rewarding you with waves on top of waves of feel-good sensations. Rushing through your body, paralysing you with its climax might or pure blissful joy. Twitching on the shower floor with an expressionless face as the massive rush slowly subsides, putting the biggest smile of happiness on your face.



What a perfect and brilliant first day of my holidays…

You think, while in a satisfying dream-like state of mind.



Sexy Navagio Beach



Shortly after your great sexual adventure, you fall asleep peacefully and satisfied in bed.