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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Sex Toys: What to Know and Do

cleaning sex toys

Luckily, we’re here to talk candidly about how to clean the sex toys that you love using most! Read on to learn about the various materials that you may need to clean and the cleaners that work best for each.

The average Australian loses their virginity at age 16, so there’s a lot of bedroom fun you’ll likely experiment with as you grow older and more comfortable in your sexuality. Specifically,  you probably occasionally enjoy spicing up your sex life with toys. Whether you prefer to fly solo or with a partner, a good vibrator or fun restraint can make all the difference when it comes to having the best orgasm you can possibly achieve. Still, although sex is a good way to unwind, it’s important to be safe during all aspects of it.

Of course, this means periodic STD testing and frequent check-ins with your partner to ensure that consent is ongoing, but it also refers to something very simple: cleaning sex toys. Despite the fact that most adults own at least one sex toy, an astounding number of people are unsure of how to clean them properly. This is a problem as it can lead to vaginal/penile infections, so you definitely want to learn.



Vibrators and Dildos

The most common sex toys that are likely sitting in your drawer are vibrators and dildos. Because these are toys that people tend to use incredibly often, keeping them clean is more important than ever. Read on to learn how to clean these basic sex toys and ensure that your sexual health isn’t put at risk.


Get a Good Cleaner

Cleaning your sex toys is always essential, but it’s even more so when you’ve used them during casual sexual encounters. While one-night-stands are fun, you don’t always know that the person you’ve slept with has a clean bill of health. You can rest pretty easy as long as they use a condom, but for your sex toys? No matter what you do, cleaning them is essential to getting bodily fluids off them, especially when you aren’t sure of your previous partner’s sexual health.

No matter what material your sex toy is made of, there are companies out there that make cleaners specifically for them that not only kill all those nasty germs and viruses on your vibrators and dildos, they also make sex toys smell “like-new”. There is nothing better than a fresh, clean, new-smell smelling like sex toy.

A friend of mine once said to me:
“Hey, do you know these cleaners contain chemicals you can buy and basically mix up yourself?”

I was a little uncertain and questioned:
“Are you sure sweetie?”

– “Yeah, of course, you just mix up a few of those household chemicals in the ingredients list up in a plastic bottle and that’s it and it’s way cheaper.” – she replied…

I didn’t like the sound of it and so I asked her to give it a go on her silicone skinned bright pink g-spot and clitoral rabbit vibrator.

Anyway, after a few months, I got a phone call from her and she burst out:
“OMG! The homemade cleaner totally destroyed my rabbit vibrator!”

The homemade cleaner was made out of the same ingredients as can be found on the back of most popular antibacterial cleaner…

However, clearly, the companies who sell these with ever “healthier concoctions” of chemicals have put time, research and trial and error into the business of making and selling these products to make them safe for your body and toy.

On top of that, since being healthy is very trendy right now… they keep reinventing the mixtures to cut out things like parabens, triclosan’s and other things that have been found to be less ideal for cleaning sex toys with due to them finding their way into our bodies in small amounts as part of the cleaning process.

Generally, these are made up of things you can easily get DIY substitutes for at home. But here is the thing… we all love a homemade substitute that saves us money and makes us feel accomplished about having “done this one our self”.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic thing in most cases! Sex toy cleaner is not one of them.

Hey, it’s not like they cost a ton of cash anyways. They are worth the five bucks, that’s for sure.

If your sex toy is made of silicone or glass, cleaning it is made especially easy with any of LITLOVE’S sex toy cleaners. Give it a spray and good scrub with warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner soap. Be sure not to submerge the toy fully unless it’s waterproof!


Determine the Material

Before you can figure out how to clean your vibrator or dildo more specifically than we’ve already talked about, you’ll need to identify the material that it’s made from. Generally, there are two ways that a sex toy like this can be made: out of non-porous material or out of porous material. While there are a lot of other ways to classify materials that sex toys are made from, this is the most important distinction.

Non-porous materials like silicon and glass are the easiest materials to clean. They’re sleek and don’t have any openings in the material, meaning that they can’t capture bacteria from bodily fluids in the pores. A good washing will suffice in many of these cases (details to come.) Many sex toys are still made from porous materials, though, including jelly rubbers and latex. For these toys, you’ll need to clean them out far more thoroughly. Scrub them out for a longer period of time and do your absolute best to find a professionally-made cleaner. DIY won’t fly for these as well as the non-porous toys.



Fleshlights and Pocket Pussies

For those who have penises, fleshlights are the sex toy that you likely use more than any other. The fact that they mould right to the shape of your dick is awesome because it’s super effective in giving you the friction you crave. Still, the fact that your dick fits so tightly inside it means that a lot of pre-cum and other bodily fluids get trapped inside, making cleaning an absolute necessity. Here, we’re going to talk about how to disinfect your pocket pussy so you can continue to have solo fun.


What’s It Made Out Of?

There are lots of somewhat funny instruction manuals online that will teach you to make a fleshlight out of household materials, but this is a terrible idea for the purposes of cleanliness. Instead, get a fleshlight made from bendy silicone online or at an adult store. These not only feel good because of the warm and semirealistic texture, but they also are non-porous (if you didn’t read the section for your vagina-having friends, that means, ironically, that the material that makes up your fleshlight has no holes in it.)

Most fleshlights are indeed made from silicone, but there are a few that are made out of porous jelly rubbers. These are best avoided since pocket pussies are harder to clean than vibrators, anyway. If you do have a porous fleshlight already, make sure that when you scrub it you do a REALLY thorough job.


Getting Inside (In the Less Fun Way)

The main issue that makes cleaning a fleshlight a pain is that they’re inverted, meaning that they’re… well, a giant hole filled with your cum. For obvious reasons, you can’t just jam your hand in there and go to town, so you may have to do a little critical thinking when figuring out how to clean them.

One thing you can do while using a fleshlight in order to maximize your fun and minimize your time cleaning is to use a condom while masturbating. If you’re really opposed to this idea, that’s okay! You’ll just have to take a little more time to clean up. Your fleshlight comes in multiple parts: the shaft itself, the inserts, and the end caps. You’ll want to use hot water and antibacterial soap on each of these components, making sure that all the fluids scrub off.

There also are specific cleaners made for disinfecting your fleshlight. They contain something called Triclosan, which is an antibacterial spray. You just use it after washing the sleeve (and other components) out with warm water in the same way that you would a cup. For maximum cleanliness, this is probably the route you should go down, but the DIY route also works in a pinch.



Kink Toys

While not for everyone, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you’re into kink. There are so many different kinks and fetishes out there that nothing’s surprising! In any case, what you do in the bedroom is no one else’s business, but it’s best to be safe while doing it. That’s why cleaning any and all sex toys you use for sex- whether you’re vanilla or into heavy BDSM- is essential. Read on to learn how to clean some toys you may have in your bedroom that don’t fall into the ‘vanilla’ category.



There’s nothing quite like being tied to a bedpost and having someone sexually dominate you (with full consent, of course.) You may think that because (most) restraints don’t make contact with the genitals that disinfecting them after every use is unnecessary, but this isn’t true- they’re still in your bed (or chair or sex swing or whatever) and being touched by hands that have encountered bodily fluids.

Restraints are an incredibly versatile sex toy because they can come in pretty much any material you can think of.

If your restraints are made out of silk or another kind of fabric, you can probably just throw them into the washing machine and have them come out good as new. We recommend, however, that you wash them alone- you don’t want cum and other fluids on your nice date dresses. Still, this makes your life really easy if you’re into using soft restraints.

But what about people who prefer something a little harder? Most bondage-specific chains are made of sterling silver, which is one of the easiest metals to clean. You’re in luck if you choose to use that, but you also need to be really careful that you get between each link on the chain you’re using or in the seams of your shackles. If there’s an indent, it’s a place for bacteria to be trapped.


So Much Variety!

Besides restraints, there are a lot of sex toys that you may have in your bedroom. While you probably have nothing so odd as the top 21 strangest sex toys on the market, you might have a plethora of different paddles, whips, and teasers in your dresser drawer. All of these toys need to be cleaned just as surely as your dildo or fleshlight do.

Plastic or metal paddles and whips? Easy to clean. Antibacterial soap and water will do the trick.

Also going with the common theme, you can use antibacterial soap on most materials. Even when using leather, you can use a mix of warm water and dish soap- all you’ll need to do is dip a soft washrag into it before rubbing that washrag against the leather. Just be careful not to scratch it in this case- leather is a high-quality material and you don’t want to ruin it!

The only sort of BDSM toys you can’t clean off easily with soapy water are those made with fur. Fur handcuffs, for example, are going to require a little extra work. You’ll need to get a special fur cleaner from the sex toy store that you bought your cuffs at. You may be able to try washing them gently in water (in the way that people try washing their fur coats,) but oftentimes the fur that makes sex toys soft is of a much lower quality than fur clothes. It’s best that you be very careful.


Is There a Battery?

Some BDSM toys will have a battery inside them (see: devices for electricity play.) You can’t clean these out with water unless you want to be actually electrocuted (NOT in the way you like.) This actually applies to any toy that’s motorized: not only will you probably break the toy, but you could seriously injure yourself.

This is different from cleaning vibrators because they tend to be at least semi-waterproof. Larger contraptions for sexual play tend to be motorized, meaning that they are in no way waterproof. You’ll need to keep them in a separate category from other battery-operated toys in your mind.

Instead of submerging these in water, wipe them down with a lightly damp rag while the battery is taken out. Make sure that the battery is out. As long as you remove it, it isn’t going to start up on you and cause you any sort of harm.



More on Cleaning Sex Toys

While cleaning sex toys is important, it can be a challenge to figure out where to start. Luckily, you should have a pretty simple time cleaning your favourite toys as long as you know what materials they’re made of, understand how they work, and purchase the appropriate cleaners to ensure that they’re disinfected fully before their next use.

Now that you know how to clean all your various types of sex toys, it’s time to learn more about love, sex, and your solo erotic endeavours. Check out the rest of our webpage for more information on how to build emotional intimacy in your relationship as well as how to spice up your sex life.

Have fun experimenting and stay safe!

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