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Detailing which style is best for you and recommending vibrators from our range perfectly paired to your own scintillating needs.

Read on for the ultimate guide to using and buying sex toys.

Vibrators Guide Sex Toy Guides at LitLove
Fun Factory premium quality rabbit vibrator in deliciously yummy purple colour.

Which one is right for me?

Choosing the right one is a very personal decision…

But of course, you knew that already, right?

It’s just like choosing a new pair of jeans, a new bed or a new moisturiser. You want to select a high-quality product that suits you, your curves, your needs and your lifestyle. Knowing how different types of vibrators work goes a long way towards assisting you in your purchase decision.

Thankfully, LITLOVE is the brand to go to for the best brands available globally, all ready to go out the door with overnight express to our valued Australian customer base.

The team at LITLOVE are passionate about the vibrators we offer and stand behind every single vibrating toy of goodness.

Couple playing sexy games of lustful foreplay
Couple playing sexy games of lustful foreplay.

Vibrators to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Vibrators are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

A trusted friend in the bedroom whether you want an intensified better orgasm or more of them.

Our selection ticks all the right boxes of a happier sex life. When it comes to choice then purchasing online is the way to go. It’s private as it is convenient and discreet.

We stock an extensive range of the best most powerfully vibrating sex toys so shop our brilliant selections now.

Small – Packing Mighty Powerful Orgasms

Smalls – the handy handbag size…

A smaller sized vibe can be just the thing for a little added stimulation. Some smaller ones work well for clitoral stimulation or to stimulate the G spot.

G-spot: often the key to good orgasms for women

We stock one of the best G-spot vibrator options on the market, as well as the appealing Queen Bee vibrator. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, for a special someone, or want a way to increase your pleasure at the same time as your partner’s. One of our vibrating sex toys is ideal.

Have you considered a Teledildonic?

They say there’s an app for nearly everything, and lucky for your sexy, intimate please, that includes vibrator control.

Modern technology includes Bluetooth-controlled vibrator products as well as some remotely controlled.

Hands-free tech opens up a wealth of opportunities to control sexual pleasure: some of the best remote vibrator products on the market include a manual control as well as a remote control.

An excellent option for games and adding a new dimension to sexting or virtual sex, we stock what’s possibly the best remote control vibrator you can buy!

Giant Rabbits – When Size Matters

Sometimes, big is not only good… it is super-duper sexellent mega fantastic to slam in that full fulfilling feeling!

If you want thick vibrators, longer, stronger single shaft or dual shaft vibrator products, you can find the best ones at LITLOVE.

From larger-than-average through to absolutely-eye-watering

We’ve got vibrators of all shapes and sizes! Ideal for couples or singles who fancy something a little different, or who like a challenge there is something for everyone!

The Best Quality Sex Toys Selection in Australia

We believe in offering the best products at the lowest prices within Australia and abroad.

We are a leading provider of vibrators AU wide: order now and join the growing number of Australian couples enjoying mind-blowing sex with the help of vibrating afterpay sex toys.

Our Online Adult Toy Shopping Experience

We supplies a huge select range of the best quality sex toys the world has to offer. LITLOVE is 100% Australian owned and operated. LITLOVE offer free overnight express shipping and up to 10 years manufacturer warranty and hassle free easy returns.

LITLOVE Online Adult Toy Shopping
LITLOVE Online Adult Toy Shopping

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